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The Academy of Financial Markets     

The Academy of Financial Markets is a well established and respected brand in the financial services sector. Established in 1994, the Academy of Financial Markets (AFM) provides a range of high quality education and training qualification in the related fields of business and financial markets, as well as FAIS compliance skills programmes.

Our high level of quality training is continually upgraded through ongoing research and course development. This knowledge is shared with business people in the form of courses, seminars, in-house training and publications.

Our programs are specifically designed to:
> Develop practical skills through knowledge of the markets and instruments used in the markets
> Allow learners to actively analyse, manage and control business activities and financial market activities within a business environment

Courses range from the basic to the advanced and updates are presented internationally. We also offer consultation services in the field of treasury set up, funding, investment and control systems.

Qualifications and Skills Programmes

| Qualifications |Skills Programmes

AFM runs a number of exciting skills programs which are open directly to the public. Click the link above to find out more about these programs and how you can get involved. Click here to see our marketing video for our international derivatives program (low quality to save time and bytes!!).